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Leanne was nominated by a customer who she helped to lose weight without crash dieting and helped them to implement life style changes that don’t just last a few months but last forever. Most importantly she has helped them gain confidence and self-belief, this started on the gym with Leanne but now applies to all aspects of her life. She has done so much for my mental health as well as physical health for not just myself but all others she training and works with in the gym. This year Leanne also ran the London marathon and raised a staggering amount of money for a local mental health charity. This didn't come easy for her, she understands all of her clients and their battles as she has experienced them too and that makes all the difference as she practises what she preaches and is open and honest about her own experiences. She is there for them 24/7 not just in the gym and shares up and downs showing that she is human too. Leanne knows when clients are having their bad days and is there without even saying or doing anything. When struggling to do something Leanne’s voice is a reminder that they can do something.


Simon has really got the community engaged in being active and becoming healthier. Her founded a programme called Player Tackles Weight which encourages people to lose weight through a diet and nutrition plan whilst becoming healthier through the programmes sport based theme. He was nominated by a customer who is part of the Friday evening programme where currently 86 men have taken to #PTW and have had their lives changed. They are now 12 weeks into season 2 - the final week (12 week programme) and have lost a staggering 116st 7lb in weight as well as over 400 inches off their waistline. His nominator said “The results are brilliant and have really helped me through my own low self-confidence and my mental health. I couldn’t thank Simon enough for what he has done for me and my family.” In six short months Simon now has Player Tackles weight running 5 days a week for both men and women, with football and netball programmes as well as a darts one starting soon to make 6 centre's, with over 300 adults now involved already, all of this for their community. It is now also due to be rolled out into a local secondary school in Torbay due to the fact that some teachers from the school are on PTW and have lost a huge amount of weight. Simon is real inspiration to them all in South Devon.

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