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Fundraiser Award

Fundraiser Award - sponsored by Neil Tucker Van Sales


Over the last few months Maxine has been involved in the Tesco Dance Beats campaign, raising awareness for Cancer Research, Diabetes & Heart Disease. This included a number of trips to London for dance training and learning the Dance Beats dance and the grand finale was the World Record Attempt to smash the longest dance relay. Maxine kicked off the event & danced non-stop for 2 hours which in turn helped the team break the record so is now a WORLD RECORD HOLDER! All this came with the fund raising and Maxine has raised over £600 on her own just giving page & helped the local Tesco store to raise over £3000 in encouraging others getting involved with dancing at the store.
Dancing for 2 hours may not sound too difficult for some, but 20 years ago we would never have thought this would have been possible for Maxine. After being paralysed from the neck down through a neurological disease, Guillian Barre Syndrome. Taking around 6 months in rehab to learn to walk, talk and use a knife & fork again...this makes this record even more impressive. Maxine still get tired easy and she shows people what can be achieved even when you have been faced with a life-threatening disease in your past. You can get back up again, put you mind to it and do good for others who are facing diseases themselves. 


Lighting up Brixham is a new venture started by two locals who love Brixham. Both partners have previously fundraised successfully before and have now joined up to create Brixham Harbour of Lights. Both are very persuasive & have raised over £7,000 with donations from friends, family, online friends, strangers and people who just love Brixham. They are now applying for funding. They have held fundraising dinners, raffle and auctions, one evening event raised over £2,400. More of the same are planned to hit their target of £10,000. Their passion and vision for Brixham is so good to see and this is just year one and the town is fully behind their ideas, in conjunction with Brixham Council & their Lantern & Illumination event planned for 23/11. 

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