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The Chocolate Lover's Christmas - Carole Matthews

"He never was as fond of chocolate as I am. Marcus could exist purely on testosterone, whereas Toblerone would be all I’d need. Another reason why we were completely incompatible. That and his inability to stay faithful for more than ten minutes, of course”

Listen to Laura's interview with the author Carole Matthews

You can’t go wrong with Carole Matthews, so pour a sherry, warm up a mince pie, and settle down for another Chocolate Lovers’ adventure.

Title: The Chocolate Lover's Christmas

Author: Carole Matthews

Genre: Chick Lit/Modern Romance

Published: 13th August 2015

Publisher: Sphere

ISBN: 0751552135


the chocolate lovers christmas carole matthews book cover‘The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas’ follows four main characters – Lucy, Nadia, Chantal, and Autumn, a group of friends who centre themselves around a café, ‘Chocolate Heaven’, managed by Lucy. If you’ve read any of the other stories in this series, ‘The Chocolate Lovers’ Club’ and ‘The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet’, you’ll already feel like you know everything about our heroines.

But don’t worry if this is your first experience of The Chocolate Lovers’, Matthews cleverly weaves in the history of the characters, without having to retell their whole stories – you won’t feel left behind.

The book follows the four women as they deal with tragedies, career anxieties, marriage troubles and romantic encounters. You really want them to pull through, and then just as they do, something else is thrown in their path. Will chocolate be enough to keep them going?

A lovely, touching tale of friendship and relationships. By the time you get to the end of this story, you’ll feel like you can deal with anything – as long as you’ve got your friends around you. Matthews is so talented as making her characters come to life, you can easily visualise them, and if you’re like me, you start to link them to the friends you have in your own life. Everyone knows someone who’s been through this…..Everyone’s got a friend who’s done that….

In one hilarious moment (possibly my favourite in the book) you cringe and almost squeal with dismay and embarrassment as one of our main stars has an awkward encounter with some choclate paint (I can’t tell you any more here – you’ll have to read it!)

If you don’t feel Christmassy yet, settle down with this book, it’ll have you popping on Slade and grabbing the tinsel before you know it…

Laura's rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Laura caught up with Carole Matthews ahead of her new release, they chatted about pantomime baddies, the importance of libraries, and the perfect Christmas!

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