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Mr Mercedes - Stephen King

A grand gesture, something that will be remembered for a hundred years. The question is, what might that grand gesture be?

An edge of seat thriller that’ll have your heart thumping wildly in your chest from the very first page

Title: Mr Mercedes

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Thriller

Published in paperback: 6th January 2015

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN: 1476754470


Mr Mercedes by Stephen King book coverRetired policeman, Bill Hodges, receives a letter from someone claiming to be the mass murderer – Mr Mercedes.

He declares he has no intention of following up his destruction with further attacks. But does he mean it?

On the other side of the American town where our story is set, Brady Hartsfield lives alone with his mother, in a house full of disturbing secrets. Secrets which reveal themselves as the story evolves.

As someone who doesn’t often read books of the thriller genre, I was dubious as I began turning the pages – BUT, the action is so intense, fast-paced and riddled with spine tingling suspense, it came at me like a cold, hard smack in the face, from the very start.

I warn you, nothing is off limits as far as the graphic detail of the story goes, sometimes awkward, unpleasant but entirely captivating.

King is a genius, the story so cleverly written, the characters feel so real you can almost touch them. I turned page, after page, after page without putting it down.

Just brilliant.

Stephen King is, of course, one of the best horror/thriller masters alive with a vast back catalogue.

But try his next offering, a follow up to Mr Mercedes. It’s called Finders Keepers, out now in hardback.

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