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Pays Your Bills Winners - could you be next in our Hall of Fame?

The Breeze have paid out thousands of pounds already as we continue to pay your bills.

Check out all the winners so far and listen back to when they found out they had won.

  • Tracey Judge wins £500


    Tracey and husband Nigel are off to the Baltics next year and she's using the money to pay off her holiday bill. Have a great time!

  • Bella Coggins wins £250


    Bella is moving to London soon and she's going to use the money to help pay for the move.

  • Sue Rising wins £1,000


    Sue is going to take the entire family for a celebratory dinner. 


  • James Billing wins £250


    He was out buying Valentine's Day gifts for his girlfriend Toyah when he called. She's been nagging him to enter every day so it's finally paid off!

  • Rachael McIvor wins £500


    Her and her husband are going to use the money decorate their house. She’s got a girls night this Saturday with 15 friends(!) so they’ll all be celebrating together.




  • Sally Barlow wins £250

    Her son Kieran is looking to buy a car, so she’s going to help him out with the bill.

  • Aaron Campbell wins £250

    He’s about to drop his car into the garage, and he’s expecting a large bill.


  • Paul Jenkins wins £250

    He’ll be using the money to finally pay off his credit card bill from Christmas.



    Sarah Hayter wins £250


    She’s just bought a kitten, and has a list of bills from the vet and the pet shop to pay.


  • Margaret wins £500 in a DOUBLE MONEY round 

    She’s looking to move house soon so the money will go towards the expense of moving.

  • Steve wins £250

    He’s just had his gas and electricity bill land on the doormat so it’s very well timed.

  • Jane Hodges wins £250.

    She’s got some activity days for her children to pay for and it was her husband’s birthday yesterday, so she can take him out this weekend.

  • Alishia wins £250.

    She has a £170 bill from the car garage waiting to be paid, so we’ve taken care of that “with enough left over for a couple of drinks this weekend”.

  • Claire O’Dea wins £250.

    She’s had to cancel her holiday this year because of the bills stacking up. Thanks for The Breeze she can now book a holiday to Lanzarote.

  • Sarah was our DOUBLE MONEY winner and wins £500.

    She’s got bills to pay, and her daughter finishes her Christmas temp job today, so the money will be a great help.

  • Charlotte wins £250

    She’s a brand new driver and the bill for her car insurance is through the roof (I think we all remember that!) so this will be a huge help.

  • Jess wins £250.

    She’s still not received her January pay so the timing couldn’t be better. The first thing Jess is doing to celebrate to buying a bunch of flowers for the 104 year old lady she looks after.

  • Kim Curran wins £250 

    She’s going to use the money to book a holiday abroad in March.

  • Mark Roberts wins £250.

    He spent the weekend shopping with his wife, running up a £150 bill. They’re going to the theatre this weekend, so The Breeze have paid both those bills for Mark today.

  • Andrew Hunt wins £250.

    His son turns eighteen next week, and his daughter has just moved out, so it’s an expensive month and the bills are waiting to be paid.


  • Pam wins £250.

    The money is going towards a holiday to Cyprus. She works in a pub kitchen with her son, who was entering at the same time.

  • Carolyn won £250.

    Carolyn wins £250 for listening to The Breeze today… she’s using the money to pay the vets bills for her cats’ vaccinations.

  • Sadie won £250.

    She using the money to buy a bed for her daughter, you can just spot it on the ipad in her picture!

  • pays your bills winner

    Richard won £250.

    He’s going to take his wife Sarah out for dinner to say thank you for a wonderful Christmas.

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