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Make Me - Lee Child

He’s searching the town. I followed him everywhere. He’s looking all over. He’s doing it block by block

This author doesn’t sell a book somewhere in the world every 20 seconds for no reason – another heart-pounding thriller from the incredible maker of the Jack Reacher series.

Title: Make Me

Author: Lee Child

Genre: Thriller

Published: 27th August 2015

Publisher: Bantam Press

ISBN: 9780593073896


make me lee child book coverJack Reacher is a thinking man’s vigilante, an ex US Military Police Major with a strong sense of right and wrong, and a brutal, intelligent mind to back him up. These days he travels around America going wherever his curiosity takes him. This time that curiosity takes him to a small town named Mother’s Rest, where he wanders straight into a mystery that he cannot leave alone. Something is clearly not right in this quiet little place, and it’s not long before someone makes the mistake of messing with Jack. Expect lots of strange, untrustworthy looking characters, cryptic clues and notes, and another thrilling adventure awaits.

The mystery unfurls with clever twists and turns, and trademark Jack Reacher violence that keeps you guessing, and makes this a hard book to put down.

‘Make Me’ is Jack’s 20th adventure, and die hard Lee Child fans will not be disappointed. However, it does take a little while to get going, and is not as slick and fast paced as some of his previous books, but once you get into it, still a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Other books by Lee Child include ‘Personal’, ‘One Shot’ and ‘The Enemy’

Laura's rating:

3 stars

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