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Young Person of the Year Winner

Young Person of the Year Award sponsored by Western Computer
Awarded to a person who has displayed maturity beyond their years (16-24 years).

Western Computer

The winner of the Young Person of the Year Award is Jamie Alcock

Jamie AlcockMy son Jamie is remarkable, I have a hip replacement and I'm due to have it re-replacement, Jamie helps me around the house, he lifts and carries and, even though his a teenager, this is done all without a strop. My daughter's father died when she was 5 weeks, and when my son was just 10 years of age. Jamie has willingly stepped up to big brother/ step in dad. On holiday he is the one going down the water slides and making her laugh by throwing her around, all those crazy things a dad would do.

The relationship my son and daughter have is just beautiful and the three of us are most definitely the three musketeers, all for one and one for all.

I know many parents believe their children are amazing, and I am positive they all are, but Jamie has gone through so much including: myself and his father splitting up, his brother dying, his sister being born, his stepdad dying and my hip deteriorating. This child is 14, he has regular glowing school reports and an outstanding parents evenings. 

I am so proud of this little lad, with a heart of gold and now with a little part-time job in a local café, this child just Amazes me, his dad, his family and friends and his biggest fan which is his little sister Rosie.

Nominator: Shelley Alcock

Our runner-up is Liza Hadley

Liza HadleyLiza has a long-standing love for Girlguiding locally and has helped run several units in Hucclecote. Two years ago she saw a need to keep the interests of the over 14-year-olds,  without putting too much pressure on them to attend weekly. She set up and runs a successful Senior Section unit which meets at either end of the school term and goes on camps in the holidays. Its members are growing steadily. Liza manages to organise and run this whilst in her 4th year of a Maths degree at Oxford University.

Nominator: Dylis Hadley


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