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Outstanding Bravery Winner

Outstanding Bravery Award sponsored by Stroud Auction Rooms
Awarded for outstanding bravery in the face of adversity.

Stroud Auction Rooms

The winners of the Outstanding Bravery Award is Dawn and Sophie Herbert

Dawn and Sophie HerbertYou may have heard about Dawn and Sophie's story last year. Sophie was involved in the Bournside bus crash that happened in France. Sophie was very badly injured and spent months in hospital, both in France and back home in England. She is now home but faces many operations and medical help in the future. Despite how severe her injuries were, Sophie has always remained positive. She works hard to improve little by little each day and has come amazingly far since the crash. She is now able to stand with help for short periods of time and Dawn is always showing us pictures of Sophie smiling or videos of her reaching new milestones. Despite being faced with such a terrible tragedy so early on in life, Sophie has proven she is a strong and determined young woman who won’t let anything keep her down for long.

Dawn is my colleague and I have seen firsthand how she has rallied around her daughter, caring for her, keeping her spirits up and putting on a brave face to the rest of the world. Whenever you ask Dawn how they are doing, she always gives positive news and never lets the strain of her situation show. She is a wonderful presence in our workplace where the other children love her.

I believe Dawn deserves to have her amazing parenting skills and the strength she has shown under such tragic circumstances acknowledged, something she would never attempt to do for herself. I truly believe both Dawn and Sophie should be recognised together for their bravery acknowledged. The entire family have always been unfazed by whatever challenges and obstacles are thrown in her way. Dawn is loving, warm, a lot of fun and the type of person who offers her mothering presence, not only to her own children, but to the children she has spent years working with and to all those who have the great blessing of knowing her. In my eyes, there is no one person who demonstrates more what it is to be a mother - warm, kind, caring and, above all, incredibly strong and resilient.

Nominator: Jasmine Fisher

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