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Child of Courage Winner

Child of Courage Award sponsored by The Brewery Quarter.
The new place to be to shop, done, stay and play.
Awarded for exceptional courage in the face of adversity (15 & under).

The Brewery Quarter

The winner of the Child of Courage Award is Harri Cooke

Harri has just begun treatment for a large cancerous tumour behind his eyes and nose. In the course of the past four weeks he's had 19 nights in hospital, 2 CT scans, an MRI and a PET scan, a biopsy, a bone marrow sample, four general anaesthetics, numerous blood tests, a blood transfusion, cannulas in both hands and feet, a Hickman line put into his chest, injections daily, he has just started his second course of chemotherapy and has already started losing his hair. This would be a lot for anyone to deal with but at three years old he's soldiering through and an example to us all. He's putting smiles on our faces while our hearts are breaking for him. 

It is a very long road to recovery for Harri, he's expected to be receiving chemo every two weeks until the end of May after which he'll probably be subjected to Proton Beam radiotherapy over the course of a further three months. He will then need further chemotherapy. We couldn't be more proud of how he's handling his illness and the daily traumas his little body is being put through. He's our little ray of sunshine and we would love to see his bravery recognised to encourage him and others like him to fight every day to beat the monster that is cancer. 

Nominator: Carly and James Cooke (Harri's proud parents)

Our runnerup is Charlotte Bottger

Charlotte BottgerCharlotte is one of my Brownies. She is 7 years old. Charlotte has cerebral palsy and her parents and the community around her have raised a huge amount of money for her to go to America and have an operation in the hope that one day she will be able to walk. The operation took place two years ago and Charlotte started the road to recovery.

In early 2017 she had to have another operation, this time in Bristol, to reposition her hip joints. This knocked her back down her path to walking and she worked hard in rehabilitation and 6 months later she took those all-important first steps again. This is all still with the support of her parents and the therapists but she has exceeded anyone's expectations to get this far so quickly. She continues with determination in everything she does, taking part in daily exercises before breakfast, therapy sessions and much more to seek out what most us take for granted.

As I said at the start though, despite all of the above, Charlotte is one of my Brownies, she is 7 years old. Apart from the wheelchair, she is no different from any of the other girls in our unit. She is enthusiastic in everything she does and loves being one of the girls. She wears her uniform with pride every week, she joins in with everything and her attitude to life is so inspirational to the other Brownies and the Leaders.

I would, therefore, like to nominate Charlotte for the Child of Courage Award to give her some recognition of just how awesome she is!

For more information about Charlotte's journey, visit Charlotte's Angels Facebook Page

Nominator: Anne Anderson

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