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Top 5 Bridget Jones Moments We Can All Relate To

bridget jones top 10 moments

1. Bridget drunkenly sings 'All By Myself' in her pyjamas

Whether it's into the nearest hairbrush or with a gaze in the mirror, we've all been there on a Saturday night when the only text to your phone is from your mother wondering if you've moved grandma's dentures.


2. Bridget turns up grossly underdressed to a party

If you're not crying into your claret on a Saturday night, the moment you do get to dress to impress you get it completely wrong and end up a self-conscious wreck, where a return to the claret is the only way to get through.


3. Bridget wears big pants

bridget jones big pants

There are those wardrobe staples that every lady should have. The LBD, the sensible blazer that can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up for that important meeting, and of course, the enormous granny pants that can keep everything nice and discrete - from a couple of extra unwanted folds to Jupiter and its surrounding moons.


4. Cooking for friends/ the other half

You know what if feels like, you've seen loads of episodes of MasterChef so now you think you're Gordan Ramsay and you invite all your mates around for a 10-course tasting menu. Or perhaps you're moving it on a bit with your boyfriend and decide to cook for him to showcase your culinary talents. But unfortunately, when the reality of actually cooking bites, you're more Gordan the Gofer flapping around the kitchen like a lost bird.

The result: blue soup. If only we had Mr Darcy to rescue us.

Where's that take-out menu?


5. Bridget realises she can do so much better than Daniel

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