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Basingstoke Sea Cadets

Basingstoke Sea Cadets received £750

On behalf of all the cadets and staff at Basingstoke Sea Cadets I would like to thank you for awarding us £750 from your Kids Trust scheme.

As a uniformed youth organisation we do of course wear uniform to a lot of events, but in many cases such as boating competitions and other adventurous training and sporting events uniform isn't appropriate for the activities being undertaken.

With the money that you have awarded us we will be purchasing Polo shirts and Hoodies that the Cadets and staff can wear where that will make us instantly recognisable to members of the public and all who attend these events.

It's important to us to feel part of a group and team and in a modern way that's appealing to our young people and we will all wear these items with pride as we promote lifelong learning and strive to give our young people the best possible head start in life.

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