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The 12 Tips of Christmas Dinner

Turtledoves and drummers drumming won’t help you out this Christmas, but we’ve rounded up the twelve top tips of Christmas dinner so you can serve up a delicious meal whilst saving precious time on Christmas Day.

  1. Yorkshire pudding batter rises best when it’s made in advance, so rest it overnight in the fridge
  2. Preparing gravy a day early also helps things go more smoothly on the day 
  3. Speaking of things going smoothly, pass lumpy gravy through a sieve to get that perfect consistency
  4. Separate turkey legs to reduce cooking time 
  5. Save space with ice buckets for your beer and wine – leaving more room in the fridge for all those trimmings 
  6. Wrap a muslin cloth soaked in butter around the turkey to retain the moisture and stop it drying out
  7. Parboil potatoes the night before so they’re ready to roast straight away on Christmas Day
  8. Spruce up your sprouts by flash cooking them with a sprinkle of pancetta 
  9. Peel and chop your vegetables and potatoes in advance and keep them in cold water so they’re ready to go when you need them
  10. Open red wine a short while before you serve it – this lets it breathe
  11. Roast potatoes on one layer for the crispiest results
  12. Liven up the gravy with a dash of soy sauce or redcurrant jelly

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