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Car in a box brainteaser

Another brain teaser is sweeping the internet and it's a hard one.

The latest puzzle, which was created by user Puzzlefizzy on site Brilliant.org, features what appears to be a simple game: can you decide which box a car is in?

The brainteaser features three boxes, each with a drawing of a car on the outside.  

car box 3 box puzzle

If you select the right one you get to keep the car. Ok, you probably don't, or else the creater owes 36% of the users one as apparently, that's how many have got it correct so far. 

Each box is labelled with a statement, but only one of the statements is true. The boxes have the following statements:

'Box 1: The car is in this box.

Box 2: The car is not in this box.

Box 3:  The car is not in box 1.'

This gives the reader just enough information to determine which box has the car in it. 

So what's the correct answer? Scroll down to find out.

car box puzzle teaser

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The car is in box two!

car box puzzle answer box 2

You can work out the answer from a process of elimination. Only one of the statements on the boxes is true.

If the car was in box one, this would mean that the statements on box one and box two would be correct, so the answer can't be box one. 

If the car was in box three, both the statements on box two and box three would be correct, so the answer can't be box three. 

But, because the car is in box two, this means that only the statement on box three is correct. 

So did you get it right? 

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