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Christmas Tree Top Tips

The Christmas decorations are up in town, and the shops are playing Christmas songs. The holidays are definitely coming and it won’t be long before we bring the festivities into our homes. It doesn’t matter if your tree is artificial or real because it’s all about the decorations, so we’ve got five handy tree tips to make you jolly about.

Be Practical

Think about not only where your tree will look good, but the practicalities too.  Choose a space with access to a plug socket and avoid rogue wires on the floor. Measure the space, and remember to factor in the height of your tree’s stand. Place real trees away from the radiator to keep it looking its best.

Plump the Branches

If you have an artificial tree, pay attention to the branches and plump them back up after a year squashed into a box. Spend a good amount of time on this and you’ll find yourself with a tree as good as new, and nice full branches to hang your decorations off.

Light from Top to Bottom

Switch on your lights to make sure they work before you put them on the tree. If you’re good to go, turn them off again and start weaving your lights across the prominent branches. Move from the top downwards and leave about 6 inches between each loop - an easy method with great results. 

Play with Baubles

Believe it or not, there is a science to bauble hanging. Experts recommend placing plain baubles on the inner branches, and hang your favourite larger baubles near the centre of the tree to give it depth. Emphasise this further by hanging smaller baubles at the end of branches.

Dress your tree (literally)

It’s very easy to get lost in lights and tinsel and forget about the finer details. Hide eyesore extension leads and plastic holders with a tree skirt – a painted hollow base to sit around the bottom of your tree. If you have a real tree, it also catches falling pine needles to keep things tidy – bonus!

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