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Top Tech Tips for Consumers

Follow these handy tips to ensure the safety of your home computer and keep it secure:

Internet Danger:

1)      The internet makes it easy for people to lie about who they are and in turn create a false identity. This could be very dangerous for children as the person they think they are talking to, could be someone entirely different.

2)      If you are a parent who allowing their child to use the internet, make sure to monitor their usage as well as create security restraints as to which sites they are allowed on.

Wireless Internet tips:

3)      When choosing a location to put your router, try and place it in the most centralized place which allows the internet to be accessed from all points of the house.

4)      Keep your router away from devices that could interfere with the wireless signal such as behind your TV, cordless phone or your microwave

5)      Every time you move your router around in your house, record its signal strength and possibly try a speed test to decide which the best location to place it is.

6)      By widening your wireless channels, you in turn increase the speed.

Laptop Tips

7)      If you use your laptop in bed, buy a laptop stand to keep the machine on a level, flat surface. By keeping the device on a blanket can insulate your computer, causing it to overheat.

8)      The LCD display (Screen) is the biggest component that uses the most battery-life in a laptop. To help this, try turning down the brightness of your screen to as low as you find comfortable.

9)      Because laptops are portable, they can suffer more damage than a desktop. So make sure you are always backing up your information onto an external hard drive or using a cloud back-up.

10)   To protect your computer from spillages, try buying the keyboard covered to stop the liquid from seeping into your laptop and damaging the internal components.

11)   When moving your laptop from a cooler environment to a warmer environment, don't start up your laptop until it reaches room temperature as this could cause condensation to form and the moisture could damage your laptop's components.

12)   To avoid a glare on your screen, sit facing the sun. Angle your screen accordingly and turn up the brightness.

13)   Battery life - Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintaining and charging your battery.  Some will last longer if you recharge fully, others are happy with small trickle charges.

14)   Hot battery - Don't let your battery get to hot as this usually means that the battery is not working properly.

15)   Generally it is best to use your battery, to keep it in good condition, do not keep it plugged in all the time.

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