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The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust are currently working so hard on referrals by Wilts. police. Since lockdown their priorities in the community at the moment are:

• To make "safe areas/rooms" in people's homes to help domestic violence and child abuse victims stay safe. 
• They are delivering PPE kits to the front line.
• Their Stay Safe on Line teams are overwhelmed with the amount of scams being currently reported, but they advise & offer support to those who have been scammed.

The WBVT offer a completely free service to the over 60’s and vulnerable in the Wiltshire county because they are supported by the community. All fundraising ventures have been cancelled for the summer and so they have lost £60,000 in revenue as a result. U Unfortunately, The Bobby Van Trust in Hampshire and Dorset haveboth had to furlough their staff, so the WBVT are also picking up the most serious cases in those counties too - Please with you help, we can keep the Wiltshire Bobby Van’s on the road for all the community during these extraordinary times.

Gail Garbutt and I are putting together an on-line auction over the next few weeks to raise funds for them in order for them to continue the great work they are doing in the current lockdown. We are asking for donations of Lots (however big or small) to put on our site. https://www.jumblebee.co.uk/2020BobbyVanTrustauction. We would like to go live from next Friday 24th April.

If you feel you have ANYTHING to offer as prize to auction, then please let either Gail or myself know - nothing is too small:

• Do you have too many vegetable plants?
• Can you make lovely curries/cakes/ or offer a service?
• Do you have a holiday home that you can offer once the travel restrictions are lifted?
• Have you been through your cupboards and found any unwanted gifts that could be auctioned?! (NB We can donate it anonymously!)
• Do you have a small business that would welcome some promotion?
• Are you a florist who could offer a bouquet/wreath or your services?
• Perhaps you could offer a horse riding lesson/ride…. or offer a taxi trip to the airport…..these are just some ideas, but something unusual always goes down well…

Please put your thinking caps on and help us raise important funds. The more Lots we can offer the more fun it will be for everyone involved. We all love bidding against each other, so register for the jumblebee auction and we can all have some fun!!

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