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Birch Associates 2.6 Challenge

From Sunday 26th April, many of us in the UK will be taking part in the 2.6 Challenge. The 2.6 Challenge can be any activity, from running 2.6 miles or holding an online workout with 26 friends. Anyone can take part and you can complete it on or from Sunday April 26th. This challenge is based around the London Marathon which would have been held on 26th April running 26 miles hence the name of the challenge.

As an events business in the hospitality sector, like many others right now, we are unable to operate, so we wanted to put our time to good use and take up this challenge.Birch Associates Events have decided to take this challenge one step further and we are going to do 26 challenges over 26 days for charity.

Our chosen charities are Naomi House & Jacksplace and The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. These are both charities that are based locally and provide support in very different ways. Right now, through these difficult times, they are both supporting the NHS and the Community, but unfortunately funding and donation streams have reduced significantly so we need to support them.

Please read the attachment for further details re these 2 charities, and our 2.6 challenge day programme.


Our goal is to successfully complete 26 challenges and any donations for these very deserving charities, for us completing our daily challenges, will be greatly appreciated.
For our 26th challenge, on the 26th day, which will be Thursday 21st May we are going to try and get as many people around the country singing one specific song, (very appropriate to our current situation) at one time. We are planning on linking this in with clap for carers as this takes place every Thursday! The singing will take place at 7:55pm with a clap for carers straight after. Details re the song and how people can be involved will be sent out nearer the time. We ask that anyone wanting to sing along donates £2 to our fundraising page.

We hope for this final challenge we can get 260 people, or even 2600, but 260,000 would be brilliant!
To support us in our challenge, make sure you follow us on facebook – Birch Associates events, Twitter- @birchassociates and on Instagram @birchassociates. Make sure you #bae26challenge and tag us in your singing videos.

To donate follow the link

Day 1: Cycle 2.6 Miles

Day 2: 26 egg tosses without breaking an egg

Day 3: Put on 26 items of clothing in 2.6 minutes

Day 4: Hit a tennis ball on a racket frame 26 times in a row

Day 5: Skip 26 times in a row

Day 6: Grandma’s workout for 26 minutes

Day 7: 100 sit ups in 2.6 minutes

Day 8: Say hello in 26 languages in 26 seconds

Day 9: 26 golf club keepy ups

Day 10: Wall sit for 2.6 minutes

Day 11: Catch 26 tennis balls in 26 seconds

Day 12: Run 26 times around the garden in fancy dress

Day 13: Have a 26-shot badminton rally

Day 14: Walk 2.6 miles

Day 15: Do a 1000 piece jigsaw in 26 hours

Day 16: Do 26 burpees in 2.6 minutes

Day 17: Plank for 26 minutes

Day 18: 26 lengths of a 10m pool

Day 19: 2.6 minutes of boxing

Day 20: Run 2.6 miles

Day 21: Bear hold for 2.6 minutes

Day 22: Hold my breathe for 26 seconds underwater

Day 23: 260 squats in 2.6 minutes

Day 24: 26 volleys between 2 people in 26 seconds

Day 25: 26 shot table tennis rally

Day 26: Get as many people singing the same song at one time before clap for carers

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