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Back to School (or Work) Blues?

Back to school (or work) blues?

We can help.

Free up some precious time and let us take some of the strain.

Book a 1:1 online learning session for just £18!

What’s MindFeedr?
MindFeedr connects passionate teaching assistants with children eager to learn. We facilitate exceptional 1:1 learning experiences between qualified and fully vetted teaching assistants (our Buddies!) and Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Core subjects we cover:
English 📖
Maths 🧮
Science 🔬
History 📜
Geography 🗺️
Art and Design 🎨
Modern Languages 🌍

MindFeedr is for:
- Stressed out parents trying to juggle different priorities. 😰
- Parents who wish to bring some focus back to their child’s learning. 💡
- Parents who don’t want their child to fall behind. 😩
- Parents looking to get some time back. 🕰️
- For every parent invested in their child’s future! 🙌

Book today at

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