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Hampshire WellBeing Services

hampshire wellbeing serviceAt Hampshire Wellbeing Services (HWS) we design, develop and deliver activities that benefit the health, social care and wellbeing of marginalised individuals and minority communities, particularly ethnic minority groups, their carers and their families. 

In collaboration with local communities and mainstream health, social care and wellbeing organisations, we are working to reduce inequalities in care provision and improve access. 

During January HWS Befrienders and Advocates is offering support to people with cognitive impairment and dementia in the North Hampshire area. In autumn 2013 HWS trained for individuals in the community to become qualified Befrienders and Advocates. We are now proud to announce that the first trainees have graduated and we are ready to roll out a new HWS service that supports those with dementia, and those involved in dementia care and support. 

Did you know: 

• Almost 90% of dementia sufferers are cared for in the community. 
• There are an estimated 1,547 patients with dementia living in the North Hampshire area. 
• Of this number its expected 54.4% are mild cases, 32.6% moderate and 12.4% are severe cases. 
• There are more women than men with dementia. 
• There are an estimated 52.9% of the 65+ population or 16,827 people in the area without a formal diagnosis. 
• Whilst it is assumed that the majority of people with severe dementia will be being cared for in residential and nursing homes, 87% will be cared for in the community. 

It is this group of 1,346 people that the new HWS support services are designed to help. HWS support services will help individuals, families and carers to access the help they need to investigate symptoms and to access or provide the right care and support. 

Within some maginalised communities, dementia remains hidden through stigma, denial and lack of knowledge. As a consequence, people with dementia often go undiagnosed and untreated leaving their families and friends to fulfill their caring role without support. 

Initial diagnosis is also often delayed through the failure of health practitioners to recognise the condition because of language difficulties and problems with communication arising from the dementia itself. 

HWS dementia services are Free and available to people across North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group area during January. For more information about these services and to register for this time limited offer call HWS on: 01256 423 830 or send an email to: info@hantswell.org

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